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Thursday, August 4, 2011

"ULOAD" Loading machine

Every now and then majority to Filipino cellphone users buy E-load or card from the loading store whenever and wherever they become out of load.But sometimes it is a devastating moment when you needed a load during midnight and there's no loading store open especially in an emergency situation.

And now there is an answer to that problem. It's a loading machine that is open 24 hours like an ATM machine. It is called ULOAD.

It is all in one E-Load machine that caters all cellphone network in the country, Globe, Smart, Sun, TM, Red Mobile or Talk and Text. It is friendly user with a touch screen monitor. You can also choose from English or Tagalog instructions. Usually these machines have a written step by step instructions that are post on the top or the side of the machine.

Here is the step by step instructions in using ULOAD machine:
Step 1- Touch the screen to start
Step 2- Choose the "Cellphone Load"
Step 3- Put your Mobile Phone Number. Make sure that it is correct, then press "OK"
Step 4- Choose the type or desired load. For Globe/TM, put the desired amount.
Step 5- Be certain that the information on the screen are all correct, then press "OK"
Step 6- Insert the bill or the coins.

And that's it, you are done. You just wait for a few moment for your load. No hassle, it is very convenient,  in a few minutes of dropping by to this machine you can have your load anytime. But take note, the machine do not give change, and so you must put exact amount.

But there is a problem, these machines are seldom seen. Not like the loading store that are almost every street, there you can find them. I am hoping that the company who starts putting these machines will soon spread all throughout Metro Manila and even provinces. I am not against or having problem with loading stores because I myself having my load from them, but this will help a lot to those in need of load anytime and anywhere.

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  1. it'll be better if we just leave this kind of job to those people who direly needs income. It will be beneficial to them.

  2. Better said Phen, but it's nice to have one in your area, right?

  3. If this machine is accurate and 24/7 in operation then this is cool! Very helpful...

  4. Yes, it is helpful! My daughter Sarah said they have one unit of this machine in their school campus.

  5. sino po ba pedeng kausapin about the machine? and its available po ba ito sa franchising? this is my email jr09_1984@yahoo.com im from isabela...

  6. Anonymous you can buy vendor machines from the ULOAD company (Mindmap Commtech Inc.) 7748-A St. Paul Road, San Antonio Vill., Makati City, Philippines , Tel: (02)895-9935 , 890-3907

    I hope this information can help you.

  7. http://www.uload.com.ph/investment.html

    this is the link site of the company

  8. magkano po kaya ang franchising nito..

  9. you can put one in my place..rental

  10. I'm interested...how much is d franchise fee?

  11. To all those who wanted to franchise the machine, you can see the details on their site http://www.uload.com.ph/investment.html